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Personal protection

Personal protection
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Sturdy stonemason's apron, long model, PVC white. Protection against water and dirt, comes up to boot height. ..
39.93€ (33.00€ ex. VAT)
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Thickness = 0,13 mm. Disposable protective gloves resistant to chemical products.Properties:Greater resistance to chemic..
30.64€ (25.32€ ex. VAT)
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Protective gloves resistant to chemical products and for all kinds of uses.  Characteristics: For use in damp or dr..
6.72€ (5.55€ ex. VAT)
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172.06€ (142.20€ ex. VAT)
Stock: In Stock
Plate carriers of 80 kg each, for moving plates with a thickness of up to 40 mm...
246.56€ (203.77€ ex. VAT)
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