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Cement tiles

Cement tiles

Cement tiles are made from cement on which beautiful colours and patterns are applied with marble powder and pigments, and are produced under high pressure. Cement tiles used to be widely used in luxury homes, acting as a kind of status symbol. These motif tiles were also used in public spaces, such as libraries and universities. Nowadays, the tiles are often seen in toilets, hallways and kitchens.

They are more sensitive than other tiles because they are not baked. They are porous and need to be treated with a good impregnating agent. Beware of acidic (cleaning) products. Cement tiles should be installed with extra care and preferably by someone with experience.

AKEMI® offers a matched product range for cement tiles for both protection, cleaning and maintenance. The tiles also become more beautiful and warmer in colour with intensive use and the passage of years.



Before grouting, we recommend applying a pre-sealing in the form of 1 coat of Akemi Anti-stain Nano, evenly distributed on a clean and bone-dry substrate. Leave for only 5 minutes and wipe dry.

After grouting, clean the cement tiles thoroughly with Akemi Stone Cleaner (dilute 1:5 with water) to remove grout residue. Do not wait too long, as the grout residue will be too deep in the surface and more difficult to remove.

Permanently seal (=impregnate) cement tiles after drying (approx. after 8 days). Again with Akemi Anti-stain Nano, several coats, wet in wet. Leave for 10 minutes and wipe dry. This product protects the cement tiles against the penetration of water, dirt, oils and greases. 

Optional additional finishing with Akemi Topping Wax. This product gives a silk-matt finish and extra protection against stains.


View here our handy applicators for applying both cleaning product and impregnating product in the same way. 



Maintaining the cement tiles weekly (mopping) with Akemi Stone Soap after impregnation creates a good surface compaction and the tiles become increasingly beautiful and fuller in colour through their patina, for a warm maintained appearance.

This gentle, biodegradable, natural soap is the mopping agent of choice for normal cleaning of your cement tile. Fully soluble in (lukewarm) water, it does not form layers. The Akemi impregnation present is supported in its effectiveness through regular use.


By cleaning we mean the occasional removal of stubborn dirt and any maintenance layers (= stripping). Use Akemi Stone Cleaner for this purpose. Only use this powerful cleaner if standard maintenance products cannot remove the dirt.


Repeating the sealing treatment is generally not necessary for floors. Repeating the Akemi Topping Wax treatment may be repeated every 1-2 years. 


  • Always follow the instructions on the packaging of maintenance products. 

  • Would you like to have your floor professionally treated and/or sanded? Then feel free to call on our Akemi Home Service. Also for damage repairs.

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