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Quartz countertops

Quartz countertops

Quartz composite is a composite stone (quartz granules bonded with resin) that forms a strong and low-maintenance material. Kitchen worktops in composite are available in a wide range of colours and finishes. We distinguish between polished composite (high gloss) which have a very dense surface, and matt surfaces (honed and anticato) which are slightly more porous.

AKEMI® has a specific product range for quartz composite for both protection, cleaning and maintenance. So we assure you a well-protected and beautifully cared-for worktop.



Glossy and honed quartz composite worktops do not require preventive protection with an impregnating product.

Anticato finishes are porous and should be treated with an impregnation product with oleophobic properties so that the stone is optimally protected against contamination, especially oils and greases. Recommended products are Akemi Anti Stain Nano (colourless) or Akemi Colour Darkener Super (colour intensifier).


See our handy applicators for homogeneous application and agitation of impregnating product. 



As a daily maintenance cleaner, we recommend Akemi Crystal Clean Spray. This product cleans and degreases, dries quickly and is veil-free. Safe for all materials. 

Use Akemi Quartz Clean & care once a month. This 3-in-1 product cleans, cares and protects. It supports and supplements the effectiveness of existing impregnations. 


To remove grease films, maintenance layers and absorbed food residues, we recommend Akemi Quartz Intensive Cleaner. Use this powerful cleaner only if your daily maintenance cleaner is not sufficient. 

Also use this spray to thoroughly clean the worktop before an impregnation aftertreatment. 


Use Akemi Quartz Polish to maintain (high) glossy worktops. This product conditions the stone, increases the gloss level and additionally protects and repels water.


  • Always follow the instructions on the packaging of maintenance products. 

  • Limescale deposits are easily removed with Akemi Sanitary Cleaner

  • Metal streaks, from cooking pots or knives, can be removed with Akemi pro Scrub, as well as food residues or other dried-up dirt and light limescale.

  • Stubborn water rings and stains can be removed with Akemi Acid Cleaner

  • Discolouration caused by hot cooking pots, sodium hydroxide (caustic soda), paint strippers (décapants) and hydrofluoric acid cause irreparable damage to quartz composite. 

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cleaning agent made of tensides, auxiliary agents, scents and alcohol which is free of acids, lyes and phosphoric substa..
12.80€ (15.49€ incl. BTW)
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outstanding impregnation on the basis of high-quality, organic substances, after hardening the product is harmless to he..
55.00€ (66.55€ incl. BTW)
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impregnation which intensifies colour shades extremely well, after hardening the product is harmless to health upon cont..
76.20€ (92.20€ incl. BTW)
Quartz only
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ready-to-use care product, water-based, contains cleaning components which do not form layers. After hardening the produ..
16.60€ (20.09€ incl. BTW)
Quartz only
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an acid-free, ready-to-use cleaner, free of phosphates and bases, biodegradable, can be used in the food sector (certifi..
15.20€ (18.39€ incl. BTW)
Quartz only
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care product, reacts with air humidity and thus develops a resistant surface protection, is resistant to weathering and ..
9.20€ (11.13€ incl. BTW)
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slightly alkaline, abrasive cleaning agent based on finest abrasives, tensides and other auxiliary agents. The product i..
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concentrated cleaning agent on the basis of organic acids with non-ionic surfactants and auxiliary agents, no corrosive ..
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CLEANING SET FOR QUARTZ IN BOX - (cleaner+crystalclean)
Quartz only
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in a transparent plastic square box. Contents: 500 ml Crystal Clean Spray, 500 ml Quartz Intensive Cleaner, 1 microfibre..
30.40€ (36.78€ incl. BTW)
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For repolishing surfaces wetted with Release Agent or use as a cleaning cloth after repair work...
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