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Natural stone Countertop care

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cleaning agent made of tensides, auxiliary agents, scents and alcohol which is free of acids, lyes and phosphoric substa..
12.80€ (15.49€ )
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outstanding impregnation on the basis of high-quality, organic substances, after hardening the product is harmless to he..
55.00€ (66.55€ )
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slightly alkaline, highly concentrated cleaning agent, free of phosphates and lyes, biodegradable, can be used in the fo..
15.80€ (19.12€ )
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ready-to-use, highly effective stone care and impregnation spray. Contains modified organic compounds, combined with cle..
16.60€ (20.09€ )
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stone-care product. Reacts with atmospheric humidity and forms a resistant protective film. Weather-resistant, non-yello..
9.20€ (11.13€ )
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impregnation with extremely fast and strong colour intensification, after hardening the product is harmless to health up..
92.00€ (111.32€ )
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Impregnation on the basis of a solution dissolved in water, after hardening the product is harmless to health upon conta..
46.80€ (56.63€ )
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Premium impregnation based on organic active agents of high quality, high coverage. Beginning of protective effect (20°C..
81.80€ (98.98€ )
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Standaard onderhoudset voor natuursteen. Bevat een dagelijkse ontvetter (Crystal Clean) en een onderhoudspray als extra ..
31.80€ (38.48€ )
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