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Ceramic countertops

Ceramic / Dekton® countertops

Ceramic kitchen worktops are non-porous and highly stain-resistant. Ceramic is also enormously scratch and heat-resistant. This material only needs cleaning and degreasing maintenance products.



As a daily maintenance cleaner, we recommend Akemi Crystal Clean Spray. This product cleans and degreases, dries quickly and is veil-free. Safe for all materials.  


To remove grease films, maintenance layers and absorbed food residues, we recommend Akemi Techno Ceramics Intensive Cleaner. Use this powerful cleaner only if your daily maintenance cleaner is not sufficient.


  • Always follow the instructions on the packaging of maintenance products. 

  • Limescale deposits are easily removed with Akemi Sanitary Cleaner

  • Metal streaks, from cooking pots or knives, can be removed with Akemi pro Scrub, as well as food residues or other dried-up dirt and light scale.

  • The edges and corners of ceramic worktops are prone to 'chip' damage, so take care with heavy objects.
  • Do you wish to have damage to your worktop professionally repaired? Then call on our Akemi Home Service without obligation. Also for damage repair.

Ceramic only
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acid-free cleaning agent, ready-to-use, made of non-ionic tensides, auxiliary agents, fragrances and solvents, free of l..
15.20€ (18.39€ incl. BTW)
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slightly alkaline, abrasive cleaning agent based on finest abrasives, tensides and other auxiliary agents. The product i..
17.40€ (21.05€ incl. BTW)
CLEANING SET FOR CERAMIC + DEKTON - (dailyclean + intensivclean)
Ceramic only
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in a transparent square box. Contents: 500 ml Techno Ceramic Daily Cleaner, 500 ml Techno Ceramic Intensive Cleaner, 1 m..
30.80€ (37.27€ incl. BTW)
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For repolishing surfaces wetted with Release Agent or use as a cleaning cloth after repair work...
2.85€ (3.45€ incl. BTW)
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