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outstanding impregnation on the basis of high-quality, organic substances, after hardening the product is harmless to he..
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Impregnation on the basis of a solution dissolved in water, after hardening the product is harmless to health upon conta..
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Premium impregnation based on organic active agents of high quality, high coverage. Beginning of protective effect (20°C..
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outstanding impregnation on the basis of silicone with a double stain protection, after hardening the product is harmles..
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high performance impregnation for the professional use, very high concentration of active substances allows a 3 to 6 tim..
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How do you proceed to impregnate your natural stone? Follow these steps:

  1. Thoroughly clean your natural stone with an acid-free cleaner (such as Akemi Stone Cleaner). Remove all dirt, dust, grease and soap residue.
  2. Let your natural stone dry completely.
  3. Choose a suitable impregnating agent for your type of natural stone. Clear (hydrofobe or oleofobe) and color deepening agents are available. First test the product on an inconspicuous place or on a scrap piece.
  4. Apply the impregnating agent generously with an impregnating pad, brush, cloth or flat mop. Work in one direction and in small pieces.
  5. Let the impregnating agent soak in according to the instructions on the packaging (10 to 30 minutes).
  6. Porous surfaces will require several coats during this exposure time.
  7. Remove the excess impregnating agent with a dry, lint-free cloth. Ensure an even result without streaks.

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Do you have any questions about impregnating your natural stone? Please contact us. We will advise you without obligation on the best products and methods for your situation.