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Masking tape 19mm width. For masking joints and glued seams. Good adhesion to stone, yet easy to remove without glue res..
3.40€ (4.11€ )
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The ideal miter tape, strong as a clamp and can be removed without leaving any residue. Say goodbye to sticky, hard-to-r..
24.56€ (29.72€ )
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Universal double-sided adhesive tape for durable bonding of metals, wood, glass, painted surfaces and many plastics indo..
18.00€ (21.78€ )
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Transparent, double-sided tape, stays flexible and will not harden, does not yellow, protects against moisture penetrati..
24.20€ (29.28€ )
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Removable tape based on the system of interlocking mushroom heads, durable mechanical performance.Properties:  &nbs..
45.20€ (54.69€ )
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Plastic coated adhesive tape for sealing, fixing and protecting.Properties: Can be used indoors and outdoors C..
31.00€ (37.51€ )
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Self-adhesive, pressure sensitive textile duct-tape, anti-squeeze and soundproofing properties, good humidity-resistance..
9.60€ (11.62€ )
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Tough, flexible and self-adhesive plastic film. For protecting broken windows and apertures when exposed to outdoor elem..
125.20€ (151.49€ )
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