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Polishing pad Ø 160 x 30 mm, for use with AKEMI sanding polishes:1 S Abrasive Diamond Cut1 S Abrasive Polish1 S Medium P..
23.60€ (28.56€ )
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high-performance sanding polish based on advanced powder technology with maximum cutting powerEffective abrasive paste f..
54.20€ (65.58€ )
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highly effective all-purpose polish based on advanced powder technology with medium cutting powerPolish for the removal ..
58.40€ (70.66€ )
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a versatile high-gloss polish based on advanced powder technologyA fine abrasive polish for the removal of fine scratche..
63.60€ (76.96€ )
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Silicone-free high-gloss polish using a blend of special pigments which provide protection with a long-lasting shinePoli..
36.80€ (44.53€ )
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detailer spray, anti-static, silicone- and solvent-freeGives a streak-free and brilliant gloss on all smooth or painted ..
26.80€ (32.43€ )
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detailing spray wax polish, cleans and protects in one easy application, leaving a durable and water-resistant antistati..
17.60€ (21.30€ )
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silicone-based lubricant providing a protective and moisture-repellent film. Repels moisture and impregnatesFor protecti..
18.80€ (22.75€ )
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a highly effective grinding and polishing paste on the basis of wax, free of silicone, soluble in waterUsed to remove pa..
6.40€ (7.74€ )
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three-component clearcoat in a plastic case. Contents: 200 ml Lights Valeting Clear, 100 ml Lights Valeting Hardener, 10..
167.20€ (202.31€ )
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