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Contact glue

Fast and strong instant adhesives (CA), for all kinds of applications and materials.

Also suitable for natural stone.

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Still-flowing 1-component high-tech adhesive based on cyan acrylate, very fast hardeningFor large-area bonding of plane,..
64.00€ (77.44€ incl. BTW)
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Solvent-containing curing accelerator for AKEFIX 100, non bloomingUsed at unfavourable ambient conditions, e.g. dry air ..
19.80€ (23.96€ incl. BTW)
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Medium viscosity new genereation instant adhesive, odourless, quick handing strength, remains flexible, resistant to hig..
13.80€ (16.70€ incl. BTW)
Stock: Delivery 1 week
Fine crystalline adhesion agent coated reinforcing granulate, reacts in seconds to a cold welding solution, can be drill..
7.60€ (9.20€ incl. BTW)
Stock: Delivery 1 week
Viscous instant adhesive, handling strength achieved in a few secondsCommonly used in automotive repair, model assembly,..
21.00€ (25.41€ incl. BTW)
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Multi-purpose, 1-component glue with great adhesive strength. It glues rubber, wood, glass, ceramics, metal, leathe..
16.80€ (20.33€ incl. BTW)
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