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solvent-containing cleaner based on ketone, volatizes very quickly, does not form a film and is free of chlorinated hydr..
17.20€ (20.81€ )
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Solvent-containing cleaner based on alcohol, does not volatize as quickly, does not form a film.Excellently suited for a..
19.60€ (23.72€ )
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solvent containing thinner or cleaner based on carboxylic acid esterFast evaporating cleaner for filler, adhesive and se..
17.00€ (20.57€ )
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evaporates fast, has high solvent power and is colourlessUsed for diluting various paints, cleaning tools and removing t..
14.80€ (17.91€ )
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Special thinner for Marble Filler 1000, Marble Filler Super, MS 76, UV-Filler, Polishing Line Adhesive, AKS System Fille..
36.60€ (44.29€ )
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