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Color pigments

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Used for colouring Marble Filler 1000, Marble Filler Super, MS 76, PLATINUM P+ (epoxyacrylate adhesive), Polishing Line ..
68.80€ (83.25€ )
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Only for colouring AKEPOX® fillers and adhesives and to match the colour of the adhesive with that of the respective sto..
71.80€ (86.88€ )
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Colour paste in 48 colours for colouring transparent PLATINUM adhesive, according to the colour codes of the AKEMI COLOU..
20.20€ (24.44€ )
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Contains all 48 Spectrum Paste tubes a colour fan and 1x glue Platinum P+ 150ml gel.For colouring of PLATINUM P+ (epoxya..
946.80€ (1,145.63€ )
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Bluestone stone powder to add to epoxy, polyester or polyurethane resin.By adding more than 50% stone grit to the resin,..
2.45€ (2.96€ )
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Find the right glue color using the AKEMI® COLOR MATCH FAN, according to the AKEMI COLOR MATCHING SYSTEM...
29.50€ (35.70€ )
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