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Adhesive for reinforcements and Rodding profiles

Products for gluing under supporting constructions, gluing in rodding reinforcements (to reinforce worktops) and gluing of underconstructions.

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Creamy-soft 2-component adhesive based on PUR, fast functional hardness, high bonding strength on metal, ABS, PVC, GRP, ..
32.20€ (38.96€ )
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Liquid 2-component adhesive, mixing ratio 10:1Particularly suitable for wide groove reinforcement in kitchen worktops in..
38.80€ (46.95€ )
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Fast hardening 2-component adhesive which can be stressed very quickly, liquid, in cartridges. Can be exactly dosed and ..
56.40€ (68.24€ )
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Still-flowing 1-component high-tech adhesive based on cyan acrylate, very fast hardeningFor large-area bonding of plane,..
64.00€ (77.44€ )
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A fiberglass reinforcing bar is used to reinforce countertops across sink-cut-outs. It is a good alternative to traditio..
105.00€ (127.05€ )
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