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AKEMI® Pre-Protect and Anti-Stain Coating 2015 are implemented as a protective treatment to the reverse side or all sides of natural and engineered stone before being laid, either indoors or outdoors. The protective treatment protects the stone from damage resulting from rising damp, e.g. water stains, efflorescence, cupping and rust stains, and prevents the adhesion of grouting material. The penetration of moisture into the material is thus greatly reduced or prevented. These impregnations are also used as a grouting aid. Pre-Protect and Anti-Stain Coating 2015 provide the right protection solution for every requirement.

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pre-impregnation based on water, free of VOC, odourlessFast-acting, Water- and dirt-repellent protective treatment to pr..
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Liquid, 2-component coating based on a polymer formulation, containing filling agents, free of solvents, excellently sta..
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