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Repair of cracks

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Ultra-liquid 2-component stone strengthener, hardening time approx. 18-24 h (20°C), low odour, easy to colour, free of s..
116.80€ (141.33€ )
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2-component filler of very low viscosity, hardening time approx. 24 h (20°C), only slight tendency to discolour, easy to..
75.00€ (90.75€ )
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Liquid, 2-component adhesive, easy to colour, free of solvents, weather-resistant, mixing ratio 2:1Used for laminating (..
93.40€ (113.01€ )
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Low viscosity, 2-component filler, only slight tendency to discolour, easy to colour, free of solvents, weather-resistan..
121.00€ (146.41€ )
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Liquid 2-compoent PUR-filler, usually no bleeding of treated stones. Grindable and polishable after approx. 6 h (20°C), ..
199.20€ (241.03€ )
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Liquid, crystal clear stone adhesive which hardly yellowsUsed for bonding and filling light-coloured and white, transpar..
48.20€ (58.32€ )
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Transparent clear adhesive (very light basic colour), based on epoxyacrylate, high bonding power, very fast surface dryi..
50.00€ (60.50€ )
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Low viscosity stone adhesive and filler on an acrylic basisUsed for filling fissures and the coarse-pored surfaces of li..
62.40€ (75.50€ )
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flowing, quick hardening 2-component product based on polyesterUsed to close and friction-lock cracks and joints in scre..
26.60€ (32.19€ )
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Flowing, easily workable 2-component product based on silicate resins. For grouting and closing of joints and fissures..
28.80€ (34.85€ )
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