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Choosing glue type

Find the right adhesive for your application:

(*) Silicatically bonded natural stones (such as Granite) for indoor and outdoor use, limestones (such as marble, bluestone) for indoor use only.

Which glue do you use for marble, composite or ceramic?

    1. Marble:

For interior bonding, it is best to work with Akemi Marmorkitt, this fast-curing 2-component adhesive is easy to apply, does not sink because of its thixotropic consistency and can be used for filling as well as for gluing. Akemi Marmorkitt can also be sanded and polished very well.

For exterior and constructive bonding you should work with Akepox, which exist in different consistencies. Akepox 5010 (gel) or Akepox 5030 (pasty) are suitable for all visible adhesives, non-visible adhesives are also possible with Akepox 2010 (gel) /2020 (viscous) /2030 (pasty) / 2040 (very pasty) these last 4 types are highly yellowing and therefore also cheaper epoxy resins.

    2. Composite & Ceramic:

For interior bonding, it is best to work with Akemi Platinum or Colour Bond, these fast-curing 2-component adhesives have a gel-like consistency, which makes them easy to apply, do not sink and are also very easy to sand and to polish. Akemi Platinum (in cans) has a transparent/milky white color and can be coloured very well with Polyester Colour Paste (8 basic colours) or Spectrum Colour Paste (On colour according to Color Matching system) to obtain the same color as your stone. Akemi Colour Bond is pre-coloured in cartridge and available in 48 different colours.

For exterior and constructive bonding with composite you should work with Akepox (see above under Marble). Ceramics are also possible with Everclear 300, Everclear 300 has the advantage that it's  yellowing-free and can be worked on after +/- 2 hours, but must be applied on a 100% dry surfaces.

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