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Akenova glues

Adhesive sealants are used for the elastic and permanent structural bonding of two surfaces.
1-component products, universally applicable both indoors and outdoors. Can be pressed out with standard caulking guns.

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Elastic 1-component adhesive based on polyhybrid technology, high initial strength (High Tack >200 kg/m²), bonding st..
15.40€ (18.63€ )
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Fast 1-component adhesive based on polyhybrid technology, ready for installation already after 20 minutes, high initial ..
15.40€ (18.63€ )
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Akemi sealant gun for silicone sleeves. Smooth to operate Ergonomic handle Practical suspension hook ..
37.70€ (45.62€ )
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Hand-operated gun, for 310 ml cartridges Light version of H40 made of impact-resistant plastic with an adjustable c..
120.20€ (145.44€ )
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