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Premium acid protection for marble and limestone, application with a fine toothed spatula and brush. 

Protective coating for kitchen worktops, dining tables and washbasins as well as other surfaces made of marble, limestone and other acid-sensitives stones.


  • Radiation-curing UV protective lacquer (Handmate UV1800 Hg Ozone Free)
  • Smooth, self-leveling flow
  • Immediate hardening after irradiation with UV-Lamp approved by AKEMI® 
  • High scratch resistance
  • Liquid, does not drip
  • Contains 8% carbon from renewable raw materials materials 
  • Surface finish from matt to high glossy 
  • Possible to polish light scratches out of the treated surface
  • Temperature resistant up to 150°C

Colour: colourless, slightly turbid

Full protection against agrresive and acidic foods (e.g. vinegar, citric acid, red wine, coffee, cola) as well as acidic cleaners (e.g. sanitary cleaners) and further common household stain formers (e.g. cooking oil, grease or water containing lime) 

For profesional use only, executable by Akemi Homservice.

The surface must be cleaner, free of dust, completely dry and roughened. It is recommended to pre-grind the surface with grain C220. The application is sensitive to dust; therefore, it is essential to carry it out in a nearly dust-free environment (especially if a high-gloss finish is desired).

  1. Major defects in the stone (holes, fissures) cannot be filled or covered with AKEMI® Acid Protect Brush and must be treated with an appropriate filler prior to application.
  2. The surface to be coated must be cleaned with AKEMI® Cleaner I. For this purpose, the use of cleanroom wipes is recommended.
  3. If AKEMI® Acid Protect Brush has not been used for a longer time (> 1 week), it should be shaken up vigorously for approx. 10 seconds. Wait for approx. 30 minutes before application to allow the air bubbles formed during shaking to dissolve.
  4. Apply approx. 200 g AKEMI® Acid Protect Brush per m² of surface.
  5. The spread AKEMI® Acid Protect Brush as evenly as possible on the surface by slowly peeling it off with a toothed spatula. The use of a triangular pointed tooth with a tooth height of approx. 0.7 mm is recommended.
  6. On edges as well as in corners that are difficult to reach with a toothed spatula, a glaze brush with synthetic bristles can be used.
  7. Once AKEMI® Acid Protect Brush has been spread over the surface, it is advisable to brush again slowly and in a criss-cross pattern over the entire surface with a wide glaze brush to achieve an even distribution.
  8. AKEMI® Acid Protect Brush needs approx. 30 to 60 minutes waiting time to level out and form an even and smooth surface. Any defects that may still be present, such as bubbles or too little / too much lacquer application, can still be reworked before hardening.
  9. Then AKEMI® Acid Protect Brush is hardened by means of a Hg medium pressure lamp. It is hardened until the surface is dry and so hard that it can no longer be scratched with a fingernail. Lamps approved by AKEMI® must be used. Depending on the lamp used and the distance, the product usually hardens for 1 - 5 min / m².
  10. Finish:

a. To obtain a mat finish: Sanding with a random orbital sander and sandpaper grit 400, 500, 600 or 800. Eg. Catalfer Helan 21 Hole sandpaper.

b. To obtain a high gloss finish: Any dust inclusions can be removed by wet sanding with Catalfer wet abrasive paper D-NF P-2000, item no. 2388-2000). Polishing can be done with an eccentric sander and net abrasives: Catalfer A.MEX P3000 and A.MEX P4000 (Art.Nr. 1386-3000 or 1386-4000). And a final treatment with the polishing sponge Catalfer TPLN orange medium (Art. No. 1060-11604) in combination with the high-gloss polishing paste AKEMI® Liqui Pollish Universal or with AKEMI® 1S Medium Polish (Art. 80157) in combination with a lambswool polishing pad (Catalfer Lana, art.10603125).

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