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14 Dec 0 741
Terracotta and other porous materials are popular choices for floors, walls, pots and decorations. They have a natural and authentic look that gives your home a warm and cozy atmosphere. But terracott..
13 Dec 0 706
A natural stone facade is a stylish and durable choice that gives your home a unique look. However, a natural stone facade can also suffer from unwanted graffiti and paint. Graffiti and paint can not ..
30 Nov 0 682
If you want to glue, fill or seal natural stone or other materials, you naturally want the result to be as invisible or harmonious as possible. That is why it is important to choose the right colour f..
akemi 30 Nov 0 567
A natural stone bathroom is a beautiful choice that gives your home a luxurious and elegant look. But a natural stone bathroom also needs special care and attention to stay beautiful and healthy. One ..
02 Oct 0 801
Do you have a natural stone floor, terrace, bathroom, kitchen worktop, window sills or other objects that you want to have cleaned, impregnated, renovated or repaired? Then you can count on the Akemi ..
akemi 02 Oct 0 1024
Floors, walls, countertops and stairs in natural stone have something unique. A natural and authentic look that enriches any space. But natural stone is not untouchable. There are several elements tha..
akemi 14 Sep 0 941
Kitchen countertops come in a variety of finishes, including matte and glossy. In this blog, we will focus mainly on glossy kitchen countertops and how to maintain and protect them with Akemi's produc..
akemi 31 Aug 0 746
websteak 04 Jul 0 857
The best maintenance products for cement tilesCement tiles are a beautiful addition to any interior. They are often handmade and have a unique appearance. But just like any other material, cement tile..
websteak 04 Jul 0 884
How to remove stains and scratches from marble?Marble is a beautiful natural material that adds value to any interior. But if you live in your house, it is inevitable that stains and scratches will ap..
08 Jun 0 896
Polyester glue is a polyester based glue consisting of a chain of ester compounds. The adhesive bond is created by polymerization of the esters after hardener paste is added to the resin. The hardener..
08 Jun 0 792
Epoxy glue is a two-component system based on epoxy resin. Component A must be fully mixed with Component B to cure. The Key-Lock cross-linking (referred to as curing) gives strong contact adhesion to..
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