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Terraces and outdoor

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impregnation which intensifies colour shades extremely well, after hardening the product is harmless to health upon cont..
34.20€ (41.38€ incl. BTW)
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Impregnation based on organic and organosilicon active ingredientsFor a water- and dirt-repellent treatment on natural a..
24.80€ (30.01€ incl. BTW)
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limestone impregnation, excellent weather resistance, strong reduction of water and dirt absorption during periods of mo..
26.80€ (32.43€ incl. BTW)
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impregnation based on water, free of solvents, no VOC, odourless, environmentally friendlyWater- and dirt-repellent impr..
20.60€ (24.93€ incl. BTW)
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slightly alkaline, highly concentrated cleaning agent, free of phosphates and lyes, biodegradable, can be used in the fo..
15.60€ (18.88€ incl. BTW)
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creamy paste with an absorbing agent, easy to applyRemoves grease, oil, wax stains and discolourations arising from plas..
16.20€ (19.60€ incl. BTW)
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water-soluble cleaning concentrate, free of chlorine, acids, lyes and solventsDurably removes films caused by plants on ..
18.60€ (22.51€ incl. BTW)
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fast-acting, slightly alkaline cleaner which is solventlessImmediately and thoroughly removes natural layers and discolo..
13.40€ (16.21€ incl. BTW)
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concentrated cleaning agent, acidiferous, free of hydrochloric acid, biodegradableEnables rust and rust stains to be rem..
18.40€ (22.26€ incl. BTW)
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Ready for use, slightly alkaline cleaning agentFor the removal of superficial rust stains produced by ferrous substances..
16.60€ (20.09€ incl. BTW)
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