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Slate stone

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concentrate made of high-quality care agents, auxiliary agents and scents. Free of phosphates, lyes, waxes and polymers,..
16.40€ (19.84€ incl. BTW)
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impregnation which intensifies colour shades extremely well, after hardening the product is harmless to health upon cont..
75.00€ (90.75€ incl. BTW)
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solvent-containing, ready for use product made of high-quality waxes and synthetic resinsUsed for the interior care of s..
21.60€ (26.14€ incl. BTW)
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slightly alkaline, highly concentrated cleaning agent, free of phosphates and lyes, biodegradable, can be used in the fo..
15.60€ (18.88€ incl. BTW)
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For AKEMI cleaning concentrates in 1l bottles For precise measuring of the appropriate amount of cleaning concentrate. I..
2.85€ (3.45€ incl. BTW)
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