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Underbody coatings

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Fast-drying, not paintable wax. Usage: Protection against corrosion and stone impact of the underbody of vehic..
20.57€ (17.00€ ex. VAT)
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A low-viscosity cavity wax coating with capillary effect to provide a protection layer against corrosive influencesUsage..
21.78€ (18.00€ ex. VAT)
Stock: Delivery 1 week
A cavity wax coating with high capillary effect based on modified petrolatum. Usage: Penetrates into difficult..
24.68€ (20.40€ ex. VAT)
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Fast drying and paintable stone chip protector on synthetic resins base.Usage: as stone chip protector and to replicate ..
33.40€ (27.60€ ex. VAT)
Stock: Delivery 1 week
Synthetic rubber with very high solid contents. Usage:Stone chip coating on sill panels, wheel housings, front and ..
28.56€ (23.60€ ex. VAT)
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Paintable, high protection against corrosion and stone impacts on car bodies, spoilers and the underbody of vehicles. Co..
26.14€ (21.60€ ex. VAT)
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Bitumen based undercoating, remains elastic even at extreme temperatures, not paintableUsage: An effective protection ag..
15.73€ (13.00€ ex. VAT)
Stock: Delivery 1 week
High-viscosity wax with excellent anti-corrosion properties, no dripping for higher layer thickness apply Usage:A high-p..
27.59€ (22.80€ ex. VAT)
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