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Colour Matching Charts

The AKEMI Colour Chart-app: 

  • says in 5 steps which AKEMI glue or silicone sealant fits your stone type perfectly
  • takes into account the type of finish and the structure of the stone

In 5 steps to the right glue color

  1. Open the app and choose 'Colour Matching'
  2. Choose from the following material types:
    1. Quartz-composite
    2. Natural Stone
    3. Solid Surface
    4. Techno-ceramic
  3. Specify the producer – for example Dekton
  4. Specify the name of the stone – for example Ariane
  5. Receive information about the appropriate AKEMI products, with a distinction between interior and exterior.

       Or do it in one step: enter the name of your stone via the gray search bar (at the top of the app). The correct glue color appears immediately.

We can also help you in our store, the color is determined very accurately via a Colour fan !
In addition, you can use our Consumption calculator and calculate exactly how much glue you need.

View all our digital color charts here